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Jaguar advertisement

Feline, agile and slim, she alluringly handles the bonnet. The headlights gleam twice. The manicured pink nails are visible in close -up; the slim conical hands caress the bonnet in repeated oeuvres. The camera undresses the interior, soaking, absorbing, and soothing the plush, roomy, spotless, leathery as the liquefied; the panels concert in fabric- textures, with the colour of wood having strange resemblance of flesh; sound effects take-off and the whoosh is on …the car has started moving.
The Scholar’s Pose

It is a library; the visuals are a surround of books; the older the books, the closer they get to the table; the new ones–the to- be reviewed ones, the books suspected of dubious scholarship, are lying far away… He appears to be smoking a pipe, leaving little chance and little to thought.




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