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If you are interested in reading, it is the future of computers, as linking technologies, institutions, nations, markets, and individuals.  It is the edges of every revolution. It is the game of theories and the consciousness of a computerization. 


The consciousness of computerization has the following aspects:

     (1) Functionality

 It has sensors attached to the brain which are directly connected to the earth’s satellite IDealON; it stimulates virtual reality by optical contact lenses and constructs texts by invoking the very thought processes of the brain; it can transfer calibrations by remote accessories like a laser pen; it can project its images on any surface including traditional screen or a wall as seen blank.








(2) ESI or extra sensory intelligence or Capacity

It integrates natural and artificial intelligences and develops innoventions (innovations + inventions) to congregate external data bases with psychological, intellectual, physiological, psycho-social, responses, emanating and cognizing from individual natural intelligences.


 (3) It’s intentional  as a corporate, international, intelligence penal entity.


  It is a networking system which identifies individual entities as ID’s of:
     A Caller net work
     B Seller Network
     C Consumer network
     D Finger Print Net work
     E Nation Net work
     F Legal Network
     H Competency Network
     I Spatial Network

     J Entertainment network

(4) It automates, deciphers, distances, and develops derivations or deviations of distances between cultural, political and legal nexuses.


 (5) It participates in the unit- of -concern- for- concert nations and devolves or brain washes participants suffering from a lethargic tendency to define and contain themselves  within  globalisms


 (6) When it is programmed to be possessions of information channelization, it exhibits a Machiavelli complex, a complete dictatorship of an electronic proletariat; its aims are collective and adores popular worship; it automates exhibitionism, seeks gratification in modules called propellers of thrust, confines popular imagination as the ritual of popular literacy


(7) It ‘s the  philosopher and exclaims efficiently that it has never emerged to close the gap of fiction or epistemology or poetry. It’s  amazed as there is room for closing in on  dialogues or discourses; it seizes dialogues and releases discourses. Room for paradoxes is a perfection of thought; scientists who thought of it claim that it has evolved its own worship as meta fiction for idol worship.

(8) It manipulates cultural royalty as easily identifiable figures of reality; it keeps on eulogizing its patent as an  eager and anxious pregnancy;

 (9) it can never be revoked as a program; it considers its own rebuke as a programme of constructs


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