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Dr. Grill-Hedge ambling on the shingle beach called isle, chewing Wrigley; there he  chanced upon an infatuation! Spitting gum …he separated letters- S, H, I, N, G, L, E and rearranging them, he thought of generations of plantations and planters speaking! Slyly he thought he would insert it as a quote in his introductory essay-  Post Colonial dialectic of the native called darker  -speaking continent.
He left the seashore, leaving the chewing and the gum and Virginia tobacco and Wolf pouch. The wind flew into his wet-underpants as a carefree egret, transmigrating parts of him and the tongues of sand. Decibels grating on sandpaper had a peculiar effect as they wound themselves on to a grail forming a strange letters called runes. As they formed  a mirage called the shadow, there emerged  the set of letters as e,n,g,l,i,s,h .



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