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A person who wanted to scatter his remains all over the world discovered to his surprise, that he was hardly dead.
Amused, he decided that an easy way out was to write it out.
After his death, people visited his grave and stared at it—slowly, silently, passionately and then broke out laughing.

Sadly he remarks: “ I wish I was human and having a body now, filled with emotions; I wish I could walk back and read what they are reading”.



        A kitsch-cock journeying on the mariner-ship called Kitsch-spook by chance dreamt of the CLAW. It nagged him in ways as an imaginary bird, as the live Eagle, as the wonderful in everything that was close to the human. It CLAWED into imagination as every human’s finger print forming an acrostic –the CLAW; thus:

                             C- for the Composite

                              L- for the Loop

                              A – for the Arch

                               W – for the Whorl

Thus ‘Kitsch-cock’ smiled exaggeratedly blossoming into a ‘Kitsch-cockian’ smile as the claw.



A Mr. X or Y or Z does it in public.


Another Mr. X or Y or Z thinks silently and reflects, “please don’t scratch there…in public; you see, Suh, you see Saar,  it isn’t polite”


A Mr. X or Y or Z still goes on at it—the scratching.


Another Mr. X or Y or Z reflects its idiomatic sense: “ to scratch in public…or scratch the public, and another X or Y idiomatizes:  it as a social blunder— a faux pas.