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Obscurity is the greatest irony that can be inherent in an epitaph…its space is also a kernel- of obscurity that covers the space.

A mongrel who wanted to have its night –life out, went to an unmarked grave. Its most dignified part of the body was its tail, which was tempered by savage brawls and vagaries of the inclement.

It started reading the epitaph: Space of obscurity lying unmarked in an un-earthly grave.

The stray mongrel started whimpering when the the ghost started creaking the chimes of a worn out municipality clock”.

Before the dog could lift its legs and scoot, the skeleton grinned and shrieked!

The dog ran whimpering : “every dog has its day”.


The writer’s kit has four important things:-


1.         A book for writers called memories of all utopias.

2.         A magical dictionary of finding words just like thought.

3.         An odd pen that survives the hide’s carnal slip of dejection

4.         The art of carpentry –i.e. to make book-shelves in case all others fail.


Million microscopic
ribbons , struggling
to get into saintly
one chosen enters
through the life door,
collaborates with a
muse, and gets an
art done– finesse

A seismograph
keeps recording,
the many places,
times, and happenings;

Malthus gets off
Hurridly, chuckles,
grumbles at theory–
and by ‘eureka’
is still writing:
slower growth
faster births.