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        A kitsch-cock journeying on the mariner-ship called Kitsch-spook by chance dreamt of the CLAW. It nagged him in ways as an imaginary bird, as the live Eagle, as the wonderful in everything that was close to the human. It CLAWED into imagination as every human’s finger print forming an acrostic –the CLAW; thus:

                             C- for the Composite

                              L- for the Loop

                              A – for the Arch

                               W – for the Whorl

Thus ‘Kitsch-cock’ smiled exaggeratedly blossoming into a ‘Kitsch-cockian’ smile as the claw.


Millions of eyes are falling out of the moon and forming an ocean of eyes. In the ocean of human eyes, a mariner ship is moving. There’s preternatural apparition of ghostly silhouettes leaning over from the deck. They are looking into the ocean of eyes.

The readers are left to the eyes and the dream ‘s imagination .