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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Web-vasion is the art of infiltrating popularly and publicly known sites, with counter-theocratic sites, pages and information…

Web-vasion occupies Internet space as web-subversions and copulates meaningfully in divulging content that may or may not be related to main-stream sites.

Web –vasion can be an irritant for the serious, legitimate seeker who may or may not be able to target his or her preferences on to required mainstream sites as the seeker is forced to opt for multiple pages and choices.

Web-vasion can be a deliberate ploy to mislead or misguide or deviate an information-seeker.

Web-vasion can also be used counter –theocratic ally to brain-wash information on a not –so –informed audience, or it may be used subversively to democratize large-scale, main-stream, media-friendly audience.

Web-vasion has so many possibilities of existing democratically and unobtrusively and becomes the label of every iconoclast to be closely related as partners of differance