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Monthly Archives: May 2008

The level of creative or cultural distance that literacy acquires as the empowered capacity to discriminate/differentiate/devolve/diverge/de-centrify/deconstruct/dissent the process of cognition from the process of dissemination would increase with democratic -literacy and reduce if the opposites of those work and effectuate propaganda.


In the world of post ( signifier-word)–the thaw is being subject to propaganda and the freeze is being released from it. In other words is there a propaganda that does not separate a state called the informed vs. being informed and just informed and how informed?




If you are interested in reading, it is the future of computers, as linking technologies, institutions, nations, markets, and individuals.  It is the edges of every revolution. It is the game of theories and the consciousness of a computerization. 


The consciousness of computerization has the following aspects:

     (1) Functionality

 It has sensors attached to the brain which are directly connected to the earth’s satellite IDealON; it stimulates virtual reality by optical contact lenses and constructs texts by invoking the very thought processes of the brain; it can transfer calibrations by remote accessories like a laser pen; it can project its images on any surface including traditional screen or a wall as seen blank.








(2) ESI or extra sensory intelligence or Capacity

It integrates natural and artificial intelligences and develops innoventions (innovations + inventions) to congregate external data bases with psychological, intellectual, physiological, psycho-social, responses, emanating and cognizing from individual natural intelligences.


 (3) It’s intentional  as a corporate, international, intelligence penal entity.


  It is a networking system which identifies individual entities as ID’s of:
     A Caller net work
     B Seller Network
     C Consumer network
     D Finger Print Net work
     E Nation Net work
     F Legal Network
     H Competency Network
     I Spatial Network

     J Entertainment network

(4) It automates, deciphers, distances, and develops derivations or deviations of distances between cultural, political and legal nexuses.


 (5) It participates in the unit- of -concern- for- concert nations and devolves or brain washes participants suffering from a lethargic tendency to define and contain themselves  within  globalisms


 (6) When it is programmed to be possessions of information channelization, it exhibits a Machiavelli complex, a complete dictatorship of an electronic proletariat; its aims are collective and adores popular worship; it automates exhibitionism, seeks gratification in modules called propellers of thrust, confines popular imagination as the ritual of popular literacy


(7) It ‘s the  philosopher and exclaims efficiently that it has never emerged to close the gap of fiction or epistemology or poetry. It’s  amazed as there is room for closing in on  dialogues or discourses; it seizes dialogues and releases discourses. Room for paradoxes is a perfection of thought; scientists who thought of it claim that it has evolved its own worship as meta fiction for idol worship.

(8) It manipulates cultural royalty as easily identifiable figures of reality; it keeps on eulogizing its patent as an  eager and anxious pregnancy;

 (9) it can never be revoked as a program; it considers its own rebuke as a programme of constructs


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Millions of eyes are falling out of the moon and forming an ocean of eyes. In the ocean of human eyes, a mariner ship is moving. There’s preternatural apparition of ghostly silhouettes leaning over from the deck. They are looking into the ocean of eyes.

The readers are left to the eyes and the dream ‘s imagination .


A novelist started writing the book called the Labyrinth of clues. In the process of writing, he developed the art of inspiration, which he believed is emanating from a strange alphabet called the fork, now simplified to an Anglican version as (Y).

He dreamt about a druid who spoke the Drunic language, who wrote about the fork as a strange tongue that emanated during the days of conception, called desire and its elevation, to the possessed fruit. Later on during Celtic times, a perversion of connoting the fork as an imagery of inversions translated itself as an oracle called the superstition of negative thinking. The bard who developed this school of thought, strange to say, was found with one embedded in his throat. After this event of perfidy, at the convocation ceremony called the Grail-Hedge, it was decided to transmute the idiosyncratic symbol of an inverted fork into an alphabet of respectability. On many Grecian urns this symbol commonly called Lambda aroused the interest of etymologists as instrument of some unknown ritual.


Waking from the dream, the author began writing about the murder of a strange librarian called Minotaur. In the ensuing pages the detective Daedlus was assigned the task of investigation. At the place of murder, their lay a host of clues like strands of hair, broken nails, the odd cipher, an unknown prayer book called the crux.


For every clue, the author decided to create a motive that will enable the readers to search other libraries and also access the secret life of the fraternity called Minotauri.

By this time, the thread of the passage for the rest of the story burst on to the author. Writing, the author began casting many concentric circles leading to a single sign, the circle. Lambent on it was the candle, and besides it was written in Latin, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

At the end of the novel, the readers are petrified to learn that the author has forgotten to mislead them. In a detour of situations, the detective Daedlus gets murdered while the librarian Minotaur has escaped the labyrinth.

On the day of 13th, the fourth month of February 2002, the New-York times report about the murder of the author Grimm Graham who writes under the Nome-de-plume Daedlus. The killer happens to be a stranger, who became so obsessed with Daedlus. He, by a careful insertion through the main artery, bled Daedlus to death. At the scene of murder, Sergeant Wood Smith discovered a card with Gothic writing –“Minotaur escapes the labyrinth”.

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Ms. Salome Mordecai was reading an esoteric treatise on: ‘The Art and Transmutation of Deception in the Symbolism of the Quabbala. The 3rd chapter, page 26 begins with the cryptic title: Divination of the alphabet as stimulated imagination to reduce excessive tendencies of perceived narcissism.


She grappled with the circumlocutions of the page mentally:


“The Mystery of the mirror was withheld from the inventor. Fearing its power to reflect time, it was deleted from consciousness by a fiendish invocation of strange and un-deciphered letters whose arms are diagonal and terminate at the center called the singularity. The footnotes said, Professor Ionado from the dept. Classical Studies, University of Chicago, interpreted these dubious lines and traced the origins to the English alphabet X.


The power of the mirror to substantiate all of the will into succumbing shadows was transferred on to a race of mortals called changelings, who became worthy of being given a conceptual apparatus of memorizing the art of seeing as magic.
It was also written, Translations of the Hegimonikon: XXVI-th Chapter.”


On a monument called the mirror, time trans-figured into a game of shadows called labyrinth, where every looking changed the identity of the looker, who by mistake thought that the mirror was seeing only a reflection.


A shattering of glass awoke the sleeper!  In the waking, she saw him become entire reflections of dwarf mirrors, protean in appearance. The crescent, the, the irregular triangle, an imperfect square, an oval sphere and many more whose identities were undefined as human conceptions.


She picked a fragment, then another; dropping them, she picked the fourth. With a trace of hardly any logic, she inferred that they were the fragments of another mirror. She scrutinized with precision, the drops of blood oozing from them and now falling on to the long, deep wound running below her left eye. Touching herself with alertness, she counseled the mirror watching the silence of the victim. Without loosing composure, she opened the paneled wall, typing in the password, circle-time-cleric-emit and took possession of the blueprints for the nuclear missiles.  Within seconds, the flames emanating from the urn resembling the letter Alif devoured them.


 An hour later, she was out of the country on the brink of dictatorship. Her passport to safety was the disguise under cover of diplomatic immunity.


In another part of the world, a Sunday teacup was avidly reading the column of humour called the Mirror. The title carried the caption: The tabloid. This day, 05 /05/1991, was dedicated to the art of gossip. Finding it likeable by public, the over enthusiastic press decided to dedicate a taxonomy of section –a relevance of confirmation to all the nature of content called gossip. A distinguished scribe of an Italian university called   Calvin Italio, found the etymology of gossip to be demeaning. With all sophistry for wild game he resolved to reduce the noun to a fitting transaction called: The Tabloid.

 The curious tea-spilled fingers is on the front-page now, reading the murder of Mark Cogito, having the nickname, the Spy-Machiavelli, who was prominent among the celebrity circuits as a media tycoon, eminent socialist,  as well  as his hidden connections with puppet republics. Investigations are on as to ascertain the motive for killing. A single laudatory epithet proclaimed: the Mirror is dead. So will be the tabloid!


In another part of the world, Muse-Sade a secret organization was hosting a seminar for training on counter terrorism and anti-insurgency. Prof. Mme. Salome Mordecai was delivering the keynote address for the convocation ceremony. She said, “As espionage agents, women perform better than men in terms of technicality, ruthlessness, reflex-action and presence of mind. As she was speaking, she winced.  in the silence of the mind, while her hands briefly touched the aching wound just below her left eye.