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Category Archives: Neologism

When the repressed, suppressed, intuitive and spatial tangibility’s combine to a production of an accidental discovering, the human serendipiates.

Examples: Darwin serendipiated Galapagos into evolution.



Telepathizes (Verb form of Telepathy)



1)         Directing/Projecting mental energies on to physical objects to affect  resulting changes.

2)         Directing/Projecting mental energies on to minds to be affecting changes.

3)         Directing intellectual energies into electronic  textual forms (audio, written, visual) or its combination.




1) Uri Geller telepathizes  a matchstick and it moves a few inches.


       2) The magician telepathizes mass audience by stage theatrics to distract their attention, while he does his magic elsewhere as an underground trick.

     3)  Corporate companies and legerdemain advertisers telepathize virtual content into  interactive websites that cater to massappeal and addictive-stimulation.



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